To get started on Orderlytics with Aliexpress follow these quick start steps to get your account configured and products selected.


Depending if you are using Clickfunnels and/or the Shopify App you will have some preliminary platform configuration work

Note:  Clickfunnels users may use the Shopify App as well if you want to send your CF sales to your Shopify Store, then let Orderlytics place orders to the suppliers from Shopify.

Assign your Aliexpress Products
  • Next you want to set your Aliexpress Products in Orderlytics by following instructions outlined in the Aliexpress Product ID article
  • It's important to note that "Product ID" field in the product form (after you selected your product) must be filled in with either the Clickfunnel Product ID or the Shopify SKU.  Without these product associations Orderlytics will not know which product purchase to associated to the retail/supplier purchase.


Next you will need to create your Aliexpress retail account into Orderlytics by following these steps
  • Select Retailer Acc from side bar menu
  • Select the " + " from the NEW ACCOUNT section at the top of the page
  • Complete the New Account Form
    • Set an Account Name, like Aliexpress-1
    • Enter Aliexpress portal credentials - User ID and Password used to login to Aliexpress (note: FB login credentials don't work.  must be email & password)
    • Shipping Method - Enter shipping method to be used.  ePacket is the most commonly used option for Aliexpress as it offers fastest delivery at the lowest cost.  (Note: review this Shipping Options video for more info)
    • Enter Payment and Billing details
      • IMPORTANT - Make sure to set your billing STATE and COUNTRY as 2-character values instead of full spelling.  (Example:  State = CA and Country = US)
    • Press SAVE
    • The new billing account will be displayed in the list at the bottom of the page.  (Note:  If you have more than one active Aliexpress Retailer accounts Orderlytics will rotate the orders across each of the active accounts.  Use the ACTION menu to update/edit accounts.)

Set Fulfillment Account - This ONLY applies if you are using Shopify or another fulfillment vendor, like Fulfillment Labs
  • Go Orderlytics FULFILLMENT ACC Page to create your Shopify store association.  Enter Shopify Account information in the New Fulfillment Account section. 

    • Enter an account name
    • Select SHOPIFY for Fulfillment Menu
    • Enter your Shopify account API Key
    • Enter your Shopify API password
    • Enter your Shopify shop URL
    • Set Fulfillment Status to:
      • Fulfilled - If you want to list the order as fulfilled in you Shopify store
      • Null - This means the order is unfulfilled and you must take action in your store.
      • Partial - Mean some of the order was fulfilled and some items are unfulfilled


    Note:  Check out the article on how to set up your Shopify API Key and Password

Go to the Orderlytics SETTINGS section to set options
  • Under Order Settings set "Group Orders by Shipping Address" to YES if you want to have all orders held for a period of time to make sure all upsell or bundled purchases have been completed
    • Standard "Group Orders Max Time" interval is typically set to "1" for one hour.
  • Allow Low Price - This override turns off Orderlytics protection from making a retailer purchase if the retailer price exceed amount collected. 
    • NO - means no order will be placed when retailer price exceeds amount paid by your customer
    • YES - disregards the price validation and will place all orders

Note:  Setting the override to YES makes sense if you are testing new markets or are doing a Free + Shipping offer where the money collected from your customer maybe lower than actual retail price (e.g., testing market price points)