Each of the Retailers have different shipping options, methods, policies and rates that make it hard to account for every product and situation.  That being said, we came up with a model that wasn't too complicated or cumbersome that made it useful.  We designed a solution whereby you can set either a Shipping Method or Ship Order By at the retail merchant level.

To set your Shipping Options Go To:

  1. Retailer Acc Page (right sidebar menu)
  2. Add New Retailer Account (select + sign) or Edit Existing Retailer Account Using the ACTION menu button
  3. Complete Shipping Options Section

Available Shipping Options:

  • Shipping Method - This means you set an explicit option for shipping as a default rule and the retailer will find the best shipping method to match that rule.  Options include:
    • Cheapest
    • Fastest
    • Free
    • ePacket (Aliexpress only)
  • Ship Order by - This is defined by Price or Speed (in days).  You can set the shipping method to follow the rule by (either price or speed) and then set an amount and/or number of max days


Key considerations when making shipping option selections:
  • Selecting Shipping Order by overrides any selection for Shipping Method
  • For Aliexpress, if ePacket is not an available delivery option for a given supplier / product the order will fail (unsuccessful).  A workaround is to reset shipping options to Ship by Days with Max Price to trigger a comparable delivery option and resubmit order
  • When using Shipping Order by "Days" it is advisable to set a "max price" as well to limit any excessive shipping costs that maybe incurred by higher priced carriers.  If the max price is exceeded an unsuccessful order will result with a "max price exceeded" error.  Simply change the shipping option under the retailer section and resubmit the order.

The following video explains how to setup the shipping options for the retailers.