This article provides a Shopify step-by-step guide on how to configure Orderlytics with Clickfunnels.


1.  Create a Clickfunnels funnel that promotes the products in your Shopify store

2.  Assign products to the CF product page that match all of your available products in your Shopify store (e.g., quantity and/or color) - Note the CF product ID(s)

3.  Login to Orderlytics - Go to the INFO page > Copy Clickfunnels Orders webhook link URL

4.  Paste Orderlytics Webhook Link into your Clickfunnels webhook Settings section for the particular funnel(s) promoting your Shopify store

5.  Go Orderlytics FULFILLMENT ACC Page to create your Shopify store association.  Enter Shopify Account information in the New Fulfillment Account section. 

  • Enter an account name
  • Select SHOPIFY for Fulfillment Menu
  • Enter your Shopify account API Key
  • Enter your Shopify API password
  • Enter your Shopify shop URL
  • Set Fulfillment Status to:
    • Fulfilled - If you want to list the order as fulfilled in you Shopify store
    • Null - This means the order is unfulfilled and you must take action in your store.
    • Partial - Mean some of the order was fulfilled and some items are unfulfilled

Note:  Check out the article on how to set up your Shopify API Key and Password

6.  Go to the Orderlytics Products Page to associate your Clickfunnels products and Shopify products.  This is used to instruct Orderlytics or place orders into Shopify for the matching Clickfunnels product that was just sold.

  • Enter a product name - this typically is the product name assigned from Clickfunnels
  • Select SHOPIFY from the Retailer/Fulfillment menu
  • Enter the Clickfunnels Product ID in the Product ID field (note: see the getting started videos on how to find CF product IDs)
  • Enter the Retailer Product ID/SKU - this value represents an existing Shopify product ID or a unique product name/number you assign to that product.
  • Enter the quantity for the number of units to be shipped. (note - if you are selling multiple quantities of the same product you must have a unique CF product for each Shopify product plus set the desired quantity - e.g., if you have a CF bundle of 5 then you would create an association in Orderlytics to match the same quantity to be ordered in Shopify. 

That's all that is required to setup Shopify products for Orderlytics.  Please run a few test orders before going live.