This article provides an overview of the Orderlytics setup for Amazon order provisioning service.  The steps below runs through the configuration steps required to setup the service..  It highlights the configuration between Clickfunnels, Orderlytics and Amazon.

This article provides a Amazon step-by-step guide on how to configure Orderlytics with Clickfunnels.

STEP 1  

Create a Clickfunnels funnel that promotes the products in your Amazon products.

Note:  Orderlytics can be used for promoting someone else’s Amazon products (e.g., arbitrage) or Amazon FBA Sellers can use Orderlytics to promote their products via an off-Amazon marketplace sales channel (e.g., Clickfunnels)


Assign products to the CF product page that match all of your available products in your Amazon products (e.g., quantity and/or color) - Note the CF product ID(s)


Login to Orderlytics - Go to the INFO page > Copy Clickfunnels Orders webhook link URL


STEP 4  

Create a New Clickfunnels Webhook under the Clickfunnels Settings Page.  Paste Orderlytics Webhook Link into your Clickfunnels Webhook Settings section for the particular funnel(s) promoting your Amazon products



Associate your Clickfunnels and Amazon products in Orderlytics.  Go to the Orderlytics Product Page to create a new product association.

On the New Product form complete the required fields to associate your products.

  • Enter a product name - typically this is the name you used in CF

  • Select the Retailer/Fulfillment - Select Amazon for the US marketplace.  (UK & CA are available as well)

  • Enter the Product ID - This is the Clickfunnels Product ID

  • Select Quantity - Change the quantity from one (1) if your CF product has more than one item for that particular CF ID.

Product - Advanced Options

An Advanced Options section to all for more customized choices when selecting Amazon products (US & UK).  All the available advanced options are only to be used when you want to specify specific conditions to purchase Amazon products.  This might include product condition, seller status, prime vs. non-prime...etc.  Use each option to further define how you select which product to purchase on Amazon.

The primary use for Advanced Options is the Merchant ID INCLUDE setting.  Use this setting when you need to purchase product from a specific Amazon Seller.  This can be useful if you need to buy from a specific merchant because the have the Gift option or specific pricing (ideal if you don't own the product).  If you are an Amazon Seller you would set your Seller ID into field to ensure you are purchasing direct from your inventory.

Amazon Pro Sellers Note:  Create a Private Promo Code to enable the purchase of your own product at a discount (up to 99%).  When entered in Promo Code section and you set the Seller ID in Advanced Options Orderlytics will pass the Promo Code with the Seller ID to Amazon for your purchases.


Setting up your Amazon retailer accounts.  Now that you have setup your Clickfunnels products and made the association to your Amazon products you need to set which Amazon buyer account(s) you will use to purchase the Amazon products.  In Orderlytics, go to the RETAILER ACC page to enter a New Account.  Orderlytics provides the option to create one or many accounts.  If you setup more than one account and they are active, Orderlytics will use them in rotation.  Meaning, Orderlytics will purchase one order from one Amazon account, then use the other account to purchase the second order.

Note:  an Amazon order may have more than one (1) product added to the cart if using the Grouped Order feature.  In this case, each Amazon account will be used for purchasing for an order vs. individual products

When completing the New Account form enter all the required information.  Please note that it is very important to enter a two (2) character country code (e.g., US vs. USA).  If you enter more than two characters Amazon will reject every order.  Use the Country Code lookup tool if you don’t know your two (2) character code.

If you want to sell Amazon products in multiple Amazon marketplaces, you will need to setup an Amazon account for each marketplace.  For example, you will need to establish an account for US, UK and CA separately.


Orderlytics Settings Page.  Use the Settings Page to customize your orders for the following services:

  • Grouped Orders by Shipping Address

  • Ship to Multiple Addresses (Amazon US & UK only)

  • Amazon Promo Code Working Mode (Advanced / Simple)

  • Amazon Gift Option / Message

  • Allow Lower Price Option

Group Orders by Shipping Address

Use this feature if you have multiple Amazon products in the same funnel to have Orderlytics wait to ensure multiple products are added to the same cart order.  This is important for FBA Sellers to save on shipping costs.

Set to YES and set the number of hours to wait before placing the order - 1 Hour is good.

Order Bundling / Ship To Multiple Addresses

The bundling feature groups orders together before placing them. This is often advantageous on retailers where larger orders are given free shipping. To use bundling, you only need to specify Ship To Multiple Addresses: YES when placing an order request.  

Bundling currently only works on the following retailers: Amazon, Amazon UK.

The bundling feature allows you to take advantage of free shipping over $50 (on Amazon) without having to change your Orderlytics setup. Bundling will take the shipping addresses, products, and quantities from separate orders and will group them together into a single order, making sure that each product is routed correctly. The order requests and responses remain exactly the same. The only difference is when the order is placed. The order bundling feature will wait for enough orders in the queue before launching a bundled order. The exact dynamics are as follows:

The order bundler will wait until $55 in products have been purchased. As soon as more than $55 of products have been queued with bundled: true, the bundler will launch a new order.

If the order bundler has waited for longer than 6 hours and has not yet obtained $55 in products, it will launch an order with whatever products are currently in the queue.

Note that the order bundler will not group together two orders which have the same product ids.

Place Order As Gift

For Amazon orders that are eligible to be shipped as Gift items this option should be turned ON if you want to suppress the product price from the end customer.  The option to insert a Gift message, such as, a "Thank you message" from your company with a toll free number or email address works well.


This option is for Amazon FBA Sellers (sellers who send their own product to Amazon's warehouse) with a Professional Plan (paid monthly plan) that has the ability to generate promotional / coupon codes against their product inventory.  Create your 99% OFF promotion code (keep it secret so that only you can purchase your inventory with this code).  This will enable YOU to purchase the Amazon product Free via Orderlytics your own product from an off-site website (e.g., Clickfunnels).  Amazon will then ship the product to your end customer who purchased from your main sales page. Amazon Sellers refer to this sales model as "multi-channel" sales where FBA orders come from outside Amazon, but Amazon still fulfills the order.

NOTICE:  Orderlytics is not responsible if you lose or giveaway your promo code and your inventory is purchased 100% free.  Use at your own risk!

Single Use Promo Codes are now available.  If you establish single use codes in your Amazon Sellers account you can upload them to Orderlytics.  Orderlytics will submit the individual single use codes for each order.  As a code is used for a successful order the code is removed from the active available code table.

Allow Lower Price Setting

The allow lower price override is an option that if set to "Yes" will authorize Orderlytics to process / submit Amazon orders when the purchase price on your site is below the Amazon product cost.  The default is "No" (otherwise off) to provide protection against selling product below cost.  We realize there a special situations where you might want to enable this option, like to test new markets.  If you set the Allow Lower Price setting to "Yes" you do so at your own risk.  Orderlytics is not responsible for purchasing Amazon products higher than your sale price.