Orderlytics is a programmatic application that takes Clickfunnels sales transaction data and delivers it into two core functions:

  • Clickfunnels Ecommerce Reporting

  • Automated Ordering Services

Clickfunnels Ecommerce Reporting

Provides in-depth ecommerce revenue reporting for all Clickfunnels sales transactions. The reporting is provided by the Google Analytics platform and Orderlytics augments the Ecommerce reporting section with specific sales transaction data.  

Key aspects of the Orderlytics Ecommerce reporting include:

  • Track All Clickfunnels Transactions by Product

  • Categorize Transactions - Upsell & Downsell

  • Visualize Product Sales by Traffic Source, Medium, Campaign, Content & Keyword (UTM Codes)

  • Customized Dashboards & Segment Reports

Automated Ordering Services

The automated ordering services is the primary Orderlytics application that programmatically pushes real-time sales transactions into retailers (e.g., Amazon) and fulfillment vendors (e.g., Shopify, Fulfillment Lab, Shipwire, 3PL...etc.) to create/provision orders.  This level of integration automates the interface between Clickfunnels with your retailers and fulfillment vendors.  This eliminates the need for any manual order enter work on the retailer or fulfillment vendor sites

The primary use case for the Automated Order Services is to automatically order products direct from the Amazon marketplace (US, UK & CA).