The biggest enhancement is the Resubmit Unsuccessful Orders.  This option is now available under the Action menu for any unsuccessful order.  There are two (2) types of Resubmit Orders:

  1. Automatic - Orderlytics will automatically resubmit unsuccessful orders when an internal error occurs, like a message due to retailer experiencing outage.  The platform will resubmit unsuccessful orders automatically up to two (2) times to get a successful order.  
  2. Manual - Users have the option to manually resubmit any unsuccessful order at any time.


  • All resubmitted orders are treated as a new order as displayed on the Orderlytics Orders Page.  Orderlytics will list the Parent Order ID under the ID Column denoted with "origin id:XXX".
  • All new "Resubmitted Orders" will have a blue label under the Order Status column stating that it is a "Resubmitted (Child Order)".  This helps determine if an unsuccessful order has been resubmitted or not. 

Illustrations from Orders Page:


Resubmit Form Action Window