This video illustrates how to add Amazon products and match them against your Clickfunnels products.

Key Points:

  • Establish a Clickfunnels product to obtain a Clickfunnels product ID, which can be found under the Products Tab
  • Requirement for a 1-to-1 association between Clickfunnels product ID and an Amazon Product (ASIN) - can not have multiple Amazon products assigned to a single Clickfunnels product ID
  • Do NOT select Amazon products that are listed as "Add-On Product" or have multiple options (e.g., color or size) under a single ASIN.  These product may stay in a "Pending" status and will require manual entry to resolve.


We've added an Advanced Options section to all for more customized choices when selecting Amazon products (US & UK).  The primary use for Advanced Options is the Merchant ID INCLUDE setting.  Use this setting when you need to purchase product from a specific Amazon Seller.  This can be useful if you need to buy from a specific merchant because the have the Gift option or specific pricing (ideal if you don't own the product).  If you are an Amazon Seller you would set your Seller ID into field to ensure you are purchasing direct from your inventory.

Amazon Pro Sellers Note:  Create a Private Promo Code to enable the purchase of your own product at a discount (up to 99%).  When entered in Promo Code section and you set the Seller ID in Advanced Options Orderlytics will pass the Promo Code with the Seller ID to Amazon for your purchases.