Having the ability to search for Amazon products within Orderlytics was one of the top requested items.  We integrated the Amazon Products API into the Orderlytics application with the ability to "Add" the product to the Products section or "View" on Amazon.

The Amazon Products Search feature provides a Category menu and search input box.  The "less is more" search principles apply.  The less descriptive text you enter will return a lot of results.  To narrow your search enter a more detailed search query.  For example, the term "flashlight" will return hundreds/even thousands of results.  If you enter the term "tactical flashlight" or even add additional description, like 1000 lumens,will narrow the results even further.

Notice:  If you query the Products API excessively will eventually result in no results due to maximum query limitations.  If you find this happening you will need to wait several minutes to hours before submitting another request.

The example below highlights that sometimes Amazon will return a message stating a "product is not available at this time"  This can be due to many reasons.  The most common conditions are lack of inventory from the supplier or price is set to zero.  The zero price scenario typically means the product is not available by the supplier.  Without a price Orderlytics is unable to process the order to charge back your account.  Options are to pick another product or check back in a few days.

The Amazon Products API has very limited capabilities.  We are not able to apply search filters at this time to help narrow your results.  Please submit detailed search queries to help return meaningful results.