The Orderlytics Settings page will display up to two options depending on if you have both Orderlytics services.  If you only have one of the Orderlytics service, then only one (1) setting option is displayed.

Amazon Orders Setting Option

Establish a global Amazon Gift Order setting.  The default setting is "As Gift" (On).  This means all Amazon products that are eligible for Gift option will be flagged as a gift when delivered to the end customer.  This will suppress all pricing data from the Amazon packing slip.

Notice:  Setting the Gift option to ON is vital so that the end customer can not see that the Clickfunnels price is higher than your Amazon product cost.  Since you are providing a service and convenience to include the Amazon product at a higher price as part of your sales funnel is 100% acceptable.  Just don't go overboard by marking up the cost significantly.  Good practice is to set a reasonable margin and service fee, which typically doesn't exceed 50-60% markup.

Gift Message - Enter a gift message to the end customer to let them know who sent the package.  Default is blank (no message).  Good practice is to include mention of your company or sales funnel source (domain).

Google Analytics Ecommerce Setting
Enter your Google Analytics Universal Analytics Tracking ID, which is found in your GA account property settings.  It is formatted like:  UA-XXXXXX-1