The Orderlytics application has several user sections to help you see how your products and services are performing.  The main Dashboard provides are graphic view for each of the Orderlytics applications.  If you have both the Google Analytics and Amazon Orders services your Dashboard page will have a three panel view as seen in the following illustration.  If you only purchased one of the Orderlytics services, then the other graphical charts are suppressed.

Orderlytics Dashboard Page

The Dashboard page breaks down application reporting in the following ways:

Amazon Orders

Total number of Orders - Includes both successful and unsuccessful orders.  Detail for each order can be found under the "Orders" page.  The Orders chart (top) provides a visual area graph of the total number of successful vs. unsuccessful orders for that reporting period.  Additionally, if any unsuccessful order requires "Manual Review" before it can processed the graph indicate then number of orders for that period.  The reporting period can be set via the "Period" menu on the top right.  Default period is the Last 7-Days.

Total number of Products - This represents the number of products you have set up in Orderlytics. Details for each product can be found on the "Products" page.

Amounts Chart - This is visual representation of the CF Amount charges vs. Amazon Cost.  This will help quickly identify any margin issues.  The typical scenario is to have your Clickfunnels amount higher than your Amazon amount.

Google Analytics Ecommerce

This chart represents the total number of transactions (Clickfunnels Sales) processed and sent to Google Analytics.  Additionally, if you processed any Refunds from Clickfunnels these will be represented in Orderlytics and Google Analytics.  Refunds displayed in Google Analytics require Enhanced Ecommerce turned on under the GA property Admin section.  

NOTICE:  Any refunds processed outside of Clickfunnels (e.g., directly in Stripe) will not be represented in Orderlytics and Google Analytics.  This is due to needing the webhook event data published via Clickfunnels.