To configure CF publish sales transaction date to your Google Analytics account all you need to do is the following:


1.  Login to Orderlytics and go to the INFO Page.  Copy the link from the Clickfunnels Webhook section (bottom link)


Note: the instructions on the bottom that state when placing the webhook link in CF to only select the options:






2.  While in Orderlytics, go to the SETTINGS page and enter your Google Analytics UA Tracking ID for your property where you want to track CF sales data.

3.  Go to Clickfunnels and open the funnel you want to track sales and select the SETTINGS Page from the funnel menu

4.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to the WEBHOOK SECTION


6.  Select NEW FUNNEL WEBHOOK Button (top right)

7.  Enter Orderlytics Webhook Link in the URL field

8.  Select the EVENTS menu - Select "purchase_created" and "purchase_updated"

9.  Save Webhook

10. Repeat steps for any other funnel you want to track.  

Note: Remember to enter the Orderlytics webhook link in every funnel you want to track sales by repeating the steps above.

VERY IMPORTANT:  You MUST format all your campaign links with the Google UTM codes.  If the UTM codes are not properly appended to your funnel URLs, tracking will not be picked up by Google Analytics.

Read the Help Desk Guide on UTM codes: 

Let me know if you have any questions or problems.